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The Integrated Coastal and Fisheries Governance Initiative project (ICFG) addresses coastal and fisheries governance issues in Western Ghana. The goal of the initiative is to support the government in achieving its development objectives of poverty reduction, food security, sustainable fisheries management and biodiversity conservation. The Initiative uses integrated coastal management as the organizing framework and encompasses several themes that are hallmarks of CRC’s integrated approach, including fisheries, coastal governance, community planning, natural hazards and climate change and supporting improvements for the livelihoods of vulnerable coastal populations.

The ICFG is a four-year project supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented through a cooperative agreement with the CRC with principal implementing partners, including the WorldFish Center, SustainaMetrix and Friends of the Nation.

The initiative is structured into three phases:

  • Phase I (2009-2010) emphasized consultation, information gathering and the preparation of a baseline that documents conditions and issues as they were perceived at the start of the Initiative.
  • Phase II (2010-2011) was devoted to activities designed to build capacity and assemble the preconditions for more effective and efficient coastal and fisheries governance.
  • Phase III (2011-2013) is formalizing a coastal planning and management program for the Western Region and securing the resources required for its long term implementation.

The ICFG addresses challenges in specific coastal places and ecosystems, while fostering regional and national discussions about necessary policy and program reforms.

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