Programme Areas

Natural Resources Management

Natural Resources Management
The overall purpose of the program is to promote sustainable management of natural resources towards achieving global environmental sustainability. In achieving this purpose, the area has four main components namely, Forestry, Fisheries, Integrated Coastal Management, Oil and Gas and Mining. These components are interlinked leading to building synergy to achieve the overall purpose and seeking to enhance stakeholder participation, building capacities and ensuring transparency and accountability. Read more

Community Development

Community Development
The program targets developing capacities in coastal/wetlands, forest dependent, oil and mining host communities as well as urban communities to attain human security through the respect for human rights, demand for services from the State and realization of self-sufficiency, poverty reduction and sustainable development. Pursuant to this purpose, the area has two main components namely, Good Governance and Population Health Environment (PHE). Read more

Enterprises Development

Enterprise Development
The purpose of the program is to make a contribution to private sector growth by promoting appropriate ethical behaviors in discharging its mandate with the State and Society.
The program focuses on providing technical services including Business Advocacy to the sector in influencing State policies for its growth and in the execution of Public-Private-Partnerships as well as Corporate Social Responsibilities that result in the sector contributing significantly to national development. Read more

News & Articles

Press engagement on the impacts of offshore oil and gas

press engagementThe Ghana National Canoe Fishermen Council (GNCFC) with support from STAR-Ghana organized a one day press engagement on the impacts of offshore oil and gas. The theme for the engagement was “A call for the passage of the petroleum (exploration and production) bill into law to address the effects of offshore oil and gas exploitation on environment and fishing livelihoods”… Read more…

Conservation of Anlo Beach Wetlands Project

Anlo beachAnlo is a picturesque beach located in the Shama district of the Western Region in Ghana. Like many other wetlands in the area, the Anlo Beach wetland is threatened by degradation resulting from over-exploitation of mangrove wood for fish smoking, dumping of solid waste and bad fishing practices…Read more…

National Stakeholders’ Forum on Petroleum Revenue Management

ForumFriends of the Nation in collaboration with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH organized a two-day National Stakeholders’ Forum on Petroleum Revenue Management in Ghana under the theme “Two years into Petroleum Revenue Management: Achievements, Challenges and Lessons Learnt”…Read more…

FoN enhances Youth Capacity for improved coastal management

SHASS fishermanFriends of the Nation has started activities under the Commitment for Africa Project (CfA). One of the initiatives includes enhancing the capacity of youth for improved coastal zone management in Ghana and Germany. Together with its German project partner Costal Union of Germany (EUCC-D), FoN has founded a school club at Shama Senior High School. The club will enhance capacity of youth for improved coastal zone management…Read more…


The Integrated Coastal and Fisheries Governance Initiative (ICFG)

Marine Police Training for ICFG A holistic project approach: Sustainable management of Ghana’s coastal and marine ecosystems, contributing to achieve fisheries and coastal management objectives of poverty reduction, food security, biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation. Read more…

Enhancing Grassroot Participation in Oil & Gas Governance

Community Voting The project aims at community empowerment on Oil and Gas production in six districts bordering Ghana’s Oil and Gas discovery. Networking with Community Environmental Monitoring and Advocacy Groups (CEMAGs) in these six districts. FoN supports the CEMAGs particularly in budget tracking and seeks to source the impact of oil funds on community development. Read more…