Thematic Areas

FoN’s core work are grounded within the following thematic areas: Natural Resources Management, Community Development and Knowledge Transfer. These are completed with targeted advocacies and various campaigns.

Natural Resources Governance Program:

FoN’s natural resource governance program is aimed at promoting rights-based inclusive and accountable natural resources and environmental governance practices and campaigns for sustainable Climate-Smart ecosystems and efficient use of natural assets.

FoN focuses on enhancing active citizenship, constituency strengthening and conversations for transparent and improved natural resources management in the marine and extractive sectors particularly, areas of productive and healthy ocean, mining, oil and gas, sustainable seafood, and food security.

Areas covered includes:

  1. Marine;
  • Productive and Healthy Oceans
  • Seafood
  1. Extractives;
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas


Community Development Program

FoN’s community development program is aimed at promoting open governance geared towards holistic grassroot development, and grounded in the principles of socio-economic justice, human rights, inclusivity, empowerment, self-determination and collective action for human security and dignity.

FoN focuses on enhancing Open Governance and active citizenship at the community level to foster transparency, accountability, and mutual interfaces for duty bearers and citizens. While at that, FoN pays particular attention to forming networks and strengthening constituencies,  relationships, learning to manage growth, and share responsibility to manage scale.

Areas covered includes:

  • Active Citizenship
  • Open Governance
  • Human Rights


Knowledge Transfer Program

FoN’s Knowledge Transfer program is a vehicle for empowerment and self-determination for the realization of personal and institutional growth, as well as for sustainable ecosystem support.

 Towards this, FoN builds and strengthens capacities of peoples, local communities and Institutions, network with diverse organizations locally and globally, to undertake and disseminate excellent action-based research, adopt responsible practices, and appropriate technologies in the areas of  social enterprises, environmentally friendly and climate-smart agriculture and artisanal small scale mining.

Areas covered includes:

  • Enterprise Development
  • Agriculture
  • Artisanal Small-Scale Mining