Friends of the Nation [FoN] and the African Center of Excellence for Coastal Resilience [ACECoR] of the University of Cape Coast have signed a Memorandum of Agreement [MoA] which will enable post graduate students from the ACECoR undertake internship with Friends of the Nation. The agreement which is effective between June 2021 and June 2025 will enable the students learn practical experience in fisheries and coastal resource management and community mobilization, as well as leadership skills.

Friends of the Nation has been leading different campaigns and advocacies, as well as developing the capacities of stakeholders in the governance of the marine space in Ghana. Many other researches findings

After the brief signing of the agreement, the Executive Director of Friends of the Nation, Mr. Donkris Mevuta stated that “this is an avenue of consolidating a relationship that started informally, in developing local capacities for the next generation of citizen scientist, who will lead in marine and coastal environmental management as well as optimize the oceans health”.

Officials of ACECoR who were present at the signing of the MoA mentioned that such agreement provides the avenue for its students to acquire outside-the -classroom experience.

“For us at the center, we think it’s a happy day because we have been looking forward to have such collaboration with industry sectors that are related to the fisheries and coastal market. If Friends of the Nation has given us that opportunity to allow our students come and learn outside classroom it’s an exciting thing to note”, Miss Ivy Gyimah Akuoko, Member of the Internship committee of ACECoR noted.

“…it then again offers our foreign students the opportunity to integrate more with the communities. They get to understand some culture of Ghana and how we deal with our local issues as compared to where they may be coming from”. Mr Mr. Joshua Adotey, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at ACECoR concluded.