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Prevention of Child Labour and Traficking (CLaT) in Fisheries in Ghana

An overview

Friends of the Nation (FoN) implements anti-Child Labor and Trafficking (CLaT) prevention activities within coastal-fishing communities and peripheral areas in active collaboration with Partners, stakeholder communities, regulators/agencies, and organizations in Ghana.

Under the Sustainable Fisheries Management Project (SFMP) funded by USAID and Partner, the Coastal Resources Centre of the University of Rhode Island (URI-CRC) FoN conducted a study in 35 coastal fishing communities in the Central Region of Ghana to unravel and understand the underlying factors of Trafficking in Persons (TIP) in fisheries in the region.

Thereafter, FoN initiated collaboration with several local communities and Ten (10) District Assemblies in the Central Region to strengthen anti-CLaT prevention structures and actions to garner resources and increase capacity for community and agencies to function effectively with a purpose of rendering CLaT a socially unacceptable behavior in Ghana.


Conduct a Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) activities to make CLaT a socially unacceptable practice in fisheries in Ghana, particularly in fishing communities in the Central Region.


  1. Conducted study on the drivers and trends of CLaT in Fisheries in Central Region of Ghana. and published report
  2. Facilitated the preparation and adoption of Strategy of Anti-CLaT in Fisheries towards the eradication of CLaT in Ghanaian Fishing Communities by the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development (MOFAD) in Ghana.
  3. Supported the initiative of the National Steering Committee against TIP to incorporate fisheries issues into the National Action Plan 2017-2021
  4. In collaboration with the National Steering Committee on Child Labor Assisted Ten (10) Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in the Central Region to develop local messages for diverse communication media for combating CLaT in their jurisdiction.
  5. Supported and implemented components of the Nation Action Plan 2016–2021 of the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP).
  6. Improved knowledge on CLaT in fisheries as a serious issue of destructive implications amongst traditional leaders and within communities in the Central Region.
  7. Revived and strengthened Child Panels for adjudication of CLaT within jurisdiction of MMDAs in the Central Region.
  8. FoN highlighted the need for the Department of Social Development, the Department of Labor and District Assemblies to bring social services more forcefully to bear, such as PHE (reproductive health education and access to birth-spacing services and commodities) to vulnerable communities and persons.
  9. FoN also networks with local and international organizations that works to eliminate TIP
  10. Assisted MMDAs in the Central Region to incorporate anti-CLaT issues into the MTDP 2018 – 2021 and subsequent Annual Action Plans.
  11. Recruited and developed local volunteer corps as Anti-CLaT Advocates who act as anti-TIP agents within their communities.
  12. Established relationship with MMDAs in CLaT in fisheries destination in Volta Lake-communities through exchange visit to the Kpando Municipal Assembly.



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