With funding from the USAID/UCC Fisheries and Coastal Management Capacity Building Support Project, and support from the Centre for Coastal Management-University of Cape Coast, the Wetlands Management Clubs and the entire schools of Dago D/A JHS in Central Region and Anlo Beach D/A JHS in Western Region were supported with Teaching and Learning Materials. The TLMs includes designed Note 3 Books and brochures with information on what Wetlands are, the types, its importance, threats and mitigation to these threat.


These brochures will compliment the lessons the pupils are taken through. It is also to educate and sensitize other pupils who are not part of the club to also have a fair knowledge of what wetlands are and the need to monitor their ecological health.






The Wetlands Ecological Health Monitoring Project is a pilot project, which has received approval from the Ghana Education Service (GES), with the goal to develop and implement a wetlands monitoring program for selected coastal wetlands of the Western and Central Regions of Ghana. This initiative is against the background that wetlands in Ghana are severely threatened by pollution, conversion to other land uses including agriculture, salt ponds among others, as well as over-exploitation and habitat modification. There is therefore the urgent need to reverse this trend through effective monitoring of the ecological health conditions of these wetlands to help guide and promote management practices.