Gender Model Family concept: The empowering story from Aowin municipality.

The Gender Model Family concept promoted under the Women’s Economic Advancement for Collective Transformation (WEACT) has been accepted and is being practiced by residents in the Aowin Municipality of the Western North Region. 

The Gender Model Family gives husbands the knowledge and tools to live equitably with their wives, and to ensure that their boys and girls are given the same opportunities to develop their potential. Through training and follow-up support, men and women are sensitized and mobilized to make the transition from a ‘traditional family’ to a ‘Gender Model Family’ – one that can model change and transformation in society by challenging traditional notions of gender roles and responsibilities.

Friends of the Nation and its partners have been training, and supporting families in the Aowin Municipality make the transition from ‘traditional family’ to a ‘Gender Model Family’

In the household of Mr. and Mrs. Adu, the training is transforming their household for good.

Watch as they narrate their inspiring story below