The mining sector remains a major backbone of Ghana’s economy as the leading foreign exchange earner for the country. For over 100 years, Ghana’s mineral proceeds have failed to turn around the lives of its citizens. Much less, citizens have had no say in the investments of any such proceeds.

Noting that, H. E, President Nana Akufo-Addo campaigned to enact a Mineral Revenue Management Act (MRMA) that will provide guidelines for Mineral Revenue Management to reverse this injustice; put more mineral money back into communities and ensure more transparency and accountability.

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are calling on His Excellency to keep the promise. Ghana needs a Mineral Revenue Management Act – MRMA. Resource-endowed communities are yearning for it for the maximization of mining benefits. Enacting the MRMA will catalyze development, stability and peace in mining communities.

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