Friends of the Nation together with SKYY has the pleasure to screen the documentary ‘Gold is Here’ today, Friday 17th October, at Skyy House, Fijai, from 6pm-9pm at the MTN movie night. Come and join for this interesting documentary! The screening is followed by a panel with the filmmaker David Masterwille and others.

Here is a link to a short screener about the documentary.

Gold Is Here explores the lives of artisanal gold miners and the impact of unlicensed mechanized gold mining on Ghana’s beleaguered rainforests. The film also sheds light on school aged children mining in dangerous pits across Ghana.

With Ghana facing a huge environmental catastrophe from irresponsible gold mining, galamsey or artisanal gold miners face huge pressure from all sectors of Ghanaian society to end their activities, whose detrimental effects, many believe, far outweigh any possible justification. In this dramatic film, we take you to the heart of galamsey mining in three regions of the country and investigate who really are behind this environmental devastation that is fast swallowing Ghana. It further explores the lives of the men, women and children involved in galamsey mining operations, especially, things that drive them to risk their lives in an enterprise bedeviled with frequent deadly pit collapses.