Rights and Voices for Sustainable Small-scale Mining

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Rights and Voices for Sustainable Small-scale Mining

Sponsored by the Kasa Initiative (funded by ICCO, CARE, SNV and DANIDA), the aim of this project was to work with small-scale miners, Minerals Commission and Environmental Protection Agency to engage with stakeholders to promote equitable access to mining land, accountability, and transparency in natural resource and environmental governance as well as sustainable mineral resource exploitation with the goal of reducing poverty.

To achieve the above this project focused on four key areas:

  • Sensitisation of small-scale miners to promote the adoption of environmentally sustainable methods of mining including the use of non-mercury technology, as well as capacity building on improved mineral recovery techniques.
  • Advocacy for access to economically viable land for legally registered small-scale miners to serve as an incentive for galamsey miners to regularise their activities and be legally compliant.
  • Advocacy for decentralization of the registration procedure for acquiring small-scale mining licence to make it easy and simple for legal acquisition of mineral rights.
  • Facilitation of stakeholder engagement to promote effective communication to reduce the social conflict associated with mining.

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