Private Business Sector Associations 


Name of Association

Advocacy Issue



Ohiamadwene Rice Growers Association

Campaign for Recovery of Farmlands provided for the stalled Inland Valley Rice Project


Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) made firm commitment towards the continuation   of the project and announced a  contract had been signed with  A.S Owusu Construction for a period of 9months.


Ghana National Canoe Fishermen Council-Western Region

Advocacy for enforcement of fisheries laws and responsible   Fisheries (2012).


Government strengthened the Fisheries Enforcement Unit with Personnel from the Ghana Marine Police and Navy to enforce fisheries laws within the sector especially at landing sites.  



Ghana National Association of Garages-Baka-Ekyir(Sekondi Zone)

Advocacy for improvements at new site at Kansaworodo e.g. the provision of social facilities like light, water etc.  (2012)

STMA in collabration with an Investor provided  essential utilitiles (light electricity, water and toilet facilities) at the  designated garages site in Kansaworodo.


Pure Group Limited, Tarkwa

Advocacy on promoting socially and environmentally responsible mining aimed at drawing attention of Policy makers on illegal mining activities on River Bonsa.

Awareness created illegal mining activities on River Bonsa and its negative social and economic impact.




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