Over three hundred residents of Anlo Beach, a coastal community in the Shama District of the Western Region, who had many of their houses swept away by tidal waves, have called on the government to help resettle them on an already acquired hilly location.

This according to them will help avoid another possible havoc and overflow of Pra River from the devastating waves.

Anlo is a picturesque beach located in the Shama district of the Western Region in Ghana.

Similar to many other wetlands in the area, the Anlo Beach wetland is threatened by degradation resulting from over-exploitation of mangrove wood for fish smoking, dumping of solid waste and bad fishing practices.

This came to fore when selected journalist took a field tour to the area as part of the USAID Sustainable Fisheries Management Project at Anlo Beach.

Meanwhile, community members of the Anlo Beach area in the Shama East District with support from the USAID Sustainable Fisheries Management Project have cultivate alternative woodlot plantation, for sustainable mangrove conservation.

In all, one thousand, one hundred and 11 seedlings have been planted on ten hectare land.

The woodlot plantation was aimed at encouraging community members to take action to reduce the depletion of mangroves as fuel wood, promote alternative woodlots and sustainable mangrove harvesting practices.

This innovation was close to selected journalist during a field tour at Anlo Landing Beach Area in the Shama East District as part of the three day media training programme organised by USAID Sustainable Fisheries Management Project.