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Improving livelihoods of youth

This project aims to deepen understanding of the factors that drive youth into galamsey in the Mpohor District, with two key objectives:

  • Raise awareness generally of the drivers behind the high number of youth involved in galamsey in Ghana and the key issues they face to assist in the targeting of policies and programs from civil society, government and international donors; and
  • Promote livelihood enhancement and diversification through sensitisation workshops and a pilot program for young men and women in the Mpohor District.
The project was designed against the background of a scoping research undertaken by FoN which revealed that the issue of youth working in illegal small-scale mining (commonly referred to as galamsey) is of concern to community members, local government and traditional authorities in the Mpohor District. The project is supported by the Australian High Commission under the Direct Aid Programme.

Specific activities include:

  • Four pilot livelihood enhancement and diversification programs focused on the interests of young men and two focused on the interest of young women.
  • Three sensitisation workshops focused on hazards (health and safety etc.) associated with ASM and other potential livelihoods available in the District.
  • Written documentation of findings from research into what drives youth to be involved in galamseyand recommendations for policy and programs focused for youth, drawing on a review of literature, and quantitative and qualitative field research.

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