Natural resource rich communities do invariably suffer both negative environmental and socio-economic consequences from the activities of the extractive sector. It is thus expected that funds accruing from the mineral and petroleum exploitation will inure to the benefit of the affected communities in a way that engender greater development results.
The vehicle for translating these gains into on- the-ground-development- benefits for the affected communities depends on the ability of Central Government to equitably and fairly distribute these revenues. In this context, FoN engages in monitoring and tracking of local government revenues with a focus on internally generated funds and royalties from minerals and petroleum exploitation. In 2012, FoN collaborated with SEND Ghana to implement a “Local Government Revenue and Budget Tracking project” in the Jomoro District. One of the outcomes of the project was a research report that assessed the extent to which extent of transparency, accountability and equity considerations play role resources in the Jomoro District. The study restricted itself to the use of internally generated fund, with special emphasis on royalties that are generated from minerals exploitation, including oil and gas.