In ensuring that IUU fishing within the Ghana’s fisheries sector is confronted head on, IUU Community Monitoring Groups (IUU-CMGs) and Grievance Committees in James-Town, Anomabo Kedzikope, Dixcove and Kpando-Torkor have been oriented on Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) fishing practice as part of their training.

To ensure that the IUU-CMG have support of the Community in resolving grievance relating to IUU practices that may arise, an IUU Grievance Committees have been formed in these communities.

Key roles of the IUU-CMGs as follows;
• Monitor IUU activities including illegal trawling in the IEZ, illegal transhipment, dumping of fish at sea and other visible illegal practices by industrial fishing vessels
• Document all infractions and report to Friends of the Nation and the Fisheries Enforcement Unit (FEU)
• Participate in Multi-stakeholder IUU dialogue at the zonal and national level to share evidence gathered and demand for action from Government

IUU-CMGs & Grievance Committees will be provided with series of training by several institutions such as the Ghana Marine Police, Fisheries Commission , Fisheries Enforcement Units on effective evidence gathering, and further provide evidence and grievance recording books to record evidence gathered.

This falls under one of the European Union – EU funded Far Ban Bo Project expected outputs which is to pilot effective IUU monitoring and grievance mechanisms.