Reducing Marine Mammal Bycatch

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This campaign aims to raise awareness on the vital contributions made by marine mammals to healthy marine ecosystems around the world and advocates for a halt in the targeted harvest, sale, and consumption of these mammals as ‘bushmeat’ even when incidentally caught and landed.  The campaign promotes responsible fisheries and marine wildlife conservation and designed to discourage illegal practices that are a direct threat to marine wildlife population levels of certain dolphin species (e. g. Clymene and Bottlenose).


Friends of the Nation (FoN) in collaboration with academia, duty bearers, and enforcement agencies engage fishers, processers, and traders on the marine mammal value chain on ocean conservation education, and the co-creation of conservation strategies and compliance-reward scheme for fishers.  FoN uses scientific information and enhanced data provided by the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (DFAS) of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana to promote an environmentally-accepted behavioral change, distributes, simple fact sheets and posters and jointly with DFAS develop policy proposals towards marine mammal conservation to the Government of Ghana with a view to attain productive and healthy oceans in line with SDG 14; “Life Below Water”; Inter alia.