Consultancy RFP



Friends of the Nation (FoN) is a not-for-profit organization that seeks the management of the environment in a sustainable and healthy manner with equal access to and the use of natural resources by communities. The organization advocate and initiate vibrant campaigns on environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources, build and strengthen the capacities of peoples and local communities, build network alliances with diverse organizations locally and global. In addition, the organization undertakes and disseminates excellent research and knowledge transfer to facilitate actions and inform campaigns.

As the organization evolve, the need to review the strategic direction remains paramount in ensuring that they retain their relevance in their spheres of influence. Accordingly, as part of its institutional capacity strengthening, FoN would like to develop its next Strategic Plan (2021- 2025). FoN intends to undertake this strategic planning exercise through the guidance of a consultant.

Participation in this call for proposal is open to any individual consultant or consulting firms/ institutions which have legal capacity to sign a contract, whose activity is directly related to the objectives of the proposed consultancy, and which can prove the professional profile requested.

Consulting firms, institutions, organizations are expected to submit proposals (both technical and financial) with a description of the consulting together with CVs of the proposed team. The technical proposal from any applicants must specify the following:

1) Objectives of the assignment.

2) Expected outputs and product.

3) Specific Working approach/outline of the proposed methodology and work plan.

4) Sample of similar work done

5) Tentative timeline and deadlines for specific activities in the plan.

Proposals should be sent to:

Deadline for the submission of expression of interest is Wednesday, December 23, 2020 at 5pm.

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