To improve citizenry participation in petroleum governance, FoN has facilitated the formation of Community Environmental Monitoring and Advocacy Group (CEMAG) in the six coastal districts of the Western Region.

The main aim of CEMAG is to promote transparency, accountability and environmental sustainability in the exploitation of petroleum resources.
CEMAG are made up of Religious Leaders (Christians and Moslems leaders), Traditional Leaders, Youth Leaders, Fisher folks, Women Group Leaders, Media Persons, Student Leaders, CBOs, FBOs, Local TUC Members, Land Owners, Migrant Settlers, etc.
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CEMAG also serves as permanent community voices and reports on issues of human right abuses, health related issues, environmental pollution and poor conduct of companies and regulators to stakeholders including but not limited to FoN and its partners, local and international media, government agencies, policy makers, development partners, the Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas and other CSOs.


CEMAG Activities

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Find more information about CEMAGs in our Download Centre.

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